Corporate Advisory

Capital Raising

It is not uncommon for businesses to experience cash flow problems. In some cases this may be a direct result of accelerated growth and an indication that your business is ripe to expand, yet financial institutions might not be warm to supplying you with adequate debt funding.  

We work with you to accelerate the commercialisation of your business through expansion, and facilitating the capital raising process to achieve this goal. The Financial Controllers operates in the $1m - $10m transaction space.


Exit Strategies

Few business owners understand the true $dollar value of their business, and even fewer know how they can sell their business for the price that they want. Our advice on strategic exits will aid you in realising the value of your business by extracting the maximum price possible upon the eventual sale of your business, through a trade sale or IPO.

Succession Planning & De-risking

An important factor in a successful exit strategy is good succession planning, and a well implemented succession plan means that your business is able to survive without you for an extended period of time. Businesses that can prove they have this capability have a higher perceived value, and can command a higher sale price.  

Similarly, business valuation is inversely related to risk. A business that bears fewer inherent risks will produce a higher valuation. The Financial Controllers offers corporate advice on business de-risking, and while these services may not be with a direct view to a capital raise or business sale, the delivered results will significantly increase your business’ value, and ensure your business is prepared for any unfortunate situation where an exit is forced upon you.