Why should I choose The Financial Controllers?

Over 90% of our clients have been referred to us by our already existing, happy clients. 
Not every business can afford a full time qualified accountant, yet the cost of inexperience and incorrect handling of finances is too great a risk to ignore. In this regard, having an outsourced financial controller makes sense. 

We provide:

  • Cost effective financial control services: you won’t need to take on the responsibilities and expenses of another full-time employee.

  • Confidentiality of records: we maintain business financial records will not be accessible to staff.

  • Independent business advice and analysis of your books: we help to assess risks, identify inefficiencies, make informed purchase decisions and provide you with strategic business advice. Although we are committed to your success, we are removed enough from the emotion of the business to provide reliable, objective advice.

What programs/systems do you use?  

Cloud accounting software providers such as Xero and Saasu are becoming more prominent in our technologically progressive industry. They both operate as Software As Service (SAAS), allowing an unlimited number of users to login, have the power to limit user access for different functions, and are consistently ‘syncing’ to keep you instantly up to date. 

Although we’ve been a strong advocate for cloud-based accounting software since we first came to market, we remain completely tech-agnostic and prefer to recommend software add-ons based on your business preferences and requirements. 

Do you work onsite or offsite?

We do both. However, we normally make appropriate recommendations following our assessment of the scope of services you require, what’s most effective for our clients and what is practical for both parties. This will be discussed during the free 1-hour initial consultation. 

Will I be able to get in touch with someone when I need to, particularly when our finance is being handled remotely by you?

Most certainly. We are only a phone call or an email away during business hours, Monday - Friday. 
We also always ensure there’s a minimum of two team members available to assist you and who know how your business operates. 


How much will this cost?

Becauseservices are customisable and we endeavour to design our scope of services around the needs of each business, we require an initial consultation meeting to discuss the current business situation. We use this as a starting point to measure how much we can help. .


How do I book a free 1-hour no obligation consultation?  

We understand how time consuming it can be to manage a business, so we’re available to talk to you over the phone. We can also meet in person too. You can contact us by clicking here.